Open Sourced PDF Reader

I am actually currently focusing on a venture that demands me to display PDF documentations to the customer among various other things.

Is actually there a totally free and available sourced PDF Audience that I can tailor and also construct my task on the top off?

An Espresso code base will be actually ideal, though, C/C++ will perform. The viewers does certainly not always need to be actually very elegant, however it should have the capacity to take care of displaying PDF files totally on its own. Likewise, I will favor if the software application permit allows code modification of a proprietary attribute.

Suns PDR-Renderer and Multivalent are actually each Open source as well as there are OS variations of JPedal and also Icepdf.

If no such PDF Readers exist, is there a PDF library that I can make use of, that will handle/help in displaying the PDF content besides parsing it?

PDF renderer looks good, though it does not offer PDF text extraction in C# by default. I found this paper ( and customized the library a little according to the Upgrade Study section.

I would also suggest investigating MuPDF. Its open source, but you need to be GPL-compliant to use it that way, however it can also be commercially licenced.

So I wanna make a PDF reader using C++ as a hobby project. The problem is I am not finding much of head start so if anyone has worked on similar project please guide me, a few web links would be great! I will be using windows environment and Visual studio.

If you want to simply “host” an existing PDF reader (such as Acrobat or Foxit) in your own window, then you’ll want to look in to ActiveX.

Alternately, if you want to do your own PDF decoding, then the best place to start would be find a soft couch and cozy up with the PDF format specification, and in particular, ISO 32000-1. It’s a real page-turner.

Adobe’s publication about the details of the PDF file format.

There are PDF components as well, if you want to go that route, but the majority of them are either not free, or already have a UI of their own. Just tossing a PDF component into a form doesn’t strike me as much of a hobby project.

You might find this article on parsing Reg files using Boost Spirit a useful starter. I’ve used Spirit before for parsing complex data but I think you’re biting off a mighty big challenge!

If you want to look at existing parsers, try PoDoFo in C++ or the lexing side of Panda, in C.

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