How to convert Excel (and other) file types to PDF programmatically

I want programmatically converting an Excel spreadsheet/workbook to a PDF document in c#. Others have asked and also answered this concern (observe Exactly how to convert Word and Excel documents to PDF programmatically? and also convert stand out to pdf in python) but neither of those do what I desire to carry out:

It also has means to convert factors to PDF. I only do not know how to utilize QuickLook coming from the demand line as well as how to obtain it to make PDF outcome to a file.

Apple performs give a plan called qlmanage that can be used to programmatically create HTML pngs and also documents, but it produces a collection of HTML files, not a PDF data.

I yearn for a command-line device that doesn’t call for making use of Microsoft Office.
I ‘d appreciate it to work on a Mac computer.
I desire it to carry out the full spread sheet; the Perl remedy just does constants.
I ‘d like to use one thing that’s already debugged, instead of creating the code.

Put in CUPS-PDF which is actually a common post-script history system that links directly in to CUPS, the unit OS-X makes use of for printing. It allows you to imprint directly to pdf and also seems like merely one more color printer possibility in the printing menu. When mounted, you could possibly use automator to imprint any kind of details finder thing, from the primary automator operations taste buds, choose Powers -> Imprint Finder Things and you can select which vehicle driver to imprint, so you can opt for the CUPS-PDF choice.

you can easily spare your app as an application or a bead as well as get in touch with from the command line

The solution was actually to go to the/ tmp file and remove the imagick-3.4.0. tgz report manually. When doing the imagick setup, this file ought to in fact be actually removed.

Yet I would certainly not make sure just how to define debates, like input data, in order that may take some research study or you might must approve merely using automator to obtain all the finder products in a details place as well as relocate the products certainly there with celebration before you start.

Effectively, I’ve generated an answer that involves using qlmanage and also wkhtmltopdf. Basically, I run qlmanage to help make HTML, and use wkhtmltopdf to convert the HTML to PDF. However the HTML web pages are actually made in more-or-less arbitrary order, so I require to consider the property checklist to figure out which page to put where. Thankfully on my books the pages could be sorted.

Ok so the service to this was rather challenging. I found out that it neglected Phpspreadsheet but somewhat Mpdf.

The problem was actually that the file “imagick-3.4.0. tgz” data authorization was actually readied to go through only. Mening that unlink could certainly not focus on this specific documents. This copulates back to when I first set up the imagick public library.

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