Find install path of office word 2010

I discovered this article which define how to locate the put in course of office:

However in the write-up are just the GUIDs approximately office 2007, what are actually the GUIDs for office 2010 or even where can I discover them?

This is the documentation you desire to be considering.

I procure the Microsoft.Office.Interop extensions specified in the proposed references after installing the Office Equipment Package installer for VS2012 offered listed below:

On 64-bit equipments the 32-bit windows registry access are actually stashed in “SOFTWARE PROGRAM \ Wow6432Node” key. Additionally, MSI windows registry searches possess a flag for searching 64-bit registry places. First you must determine if the device has 64-bit or 32-bit Office mounted and set the ideal flag for your hunts.

Do it through this, and you don’t need to think about certainly not managing to spot some potential model of Office.

I need to have to focus on an existing Word 2007 addIn task that’s a part of a MSVS 2008 service. When I attempt to debug the addIn, I receive the adhering to inaccuracy message: “You may certainly not manage this venture or debug, since the required variation of the Microsoft Office function is certainly not put up”. I have actually Office 2007 installed.

Exactly how happened was I able to install the dll but I can certainly not locate the one coming from Office 2010. Performs Visual Studio instantly “links” to the Microsoft Office public libraries if mounted when assembling?

You shouldn’t be hunting for the dll on your regional system yourself if you put in the installations appropriately. View following hyperlink for relevant information on how to mount and also download office interop public libraries without setting up office. Second link details exactly how to add the settings up to your task appropriately.

I acquired the resources of a.NET task that I am trying to compile. The job makes use of the endorsement (namespace) Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word coming from Office 2010 that I may not discover anywhere. I had the capacity to download and install the file yet obviously the one from Office 2007 since it still doesn’t organize due to the fact that the task utilizes the function Document.SaveAs2 (which is from Office 2010 collection). I have Office 2007 on my pc and also Graphic Workshop 2012 Express for Desktop computer.

I attempted developing a nonce word 2007 addIn job in the same remedy, as well as I possess no worry debugging it. Regarding I can say to, all the referenced Office assemblies are the same between these two tasks.

I don’t possess a bunch of Office models to compare, yet if they’ve taken their very own recommendations and kept the upgrade code consistent across variations, after that you can call MsiEnumRelatedProducts to get the product code for the model of Office that’s put up on your device. Along with the product code you can get in touch with MsiGetProductInfo to get the install site, the version, the meeting it was actually installed, a list of completely transforms that were put on the install … considerable amounts of stuff.

Typically there’s a far better means to carry out this for products that are each installed through the Microsoft window Installer company and also help updating from one version to the next. Use the upgrade code, which you obtain from the Residential or commercial property desk of an Office MSI data.

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