ASP.NET pdf converter

I am looking for easy solution to convert documents from one format(doc, html, xls…) to pdf in ASP.NET.

Is the iTextSharp a good choise? Can iTextSharp convert documents from one format to pdf?

What library can your suggest me to use?

I’ve been using all my PDF generation for the past few years.
The default standard for this task should be Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Another option would be using Microsoft Office applications from ASP.NET with Automation, combined with a PDF Printer (you will need a copy of Microsoft Office installed on the server). There are many PDF printers outthere , but if you can afford a commercial option I recommend PDF Converter. There are samples of Word/Excel to PDF conversion using Office+Automation with this product.

It installs in your environment as a robust and also scalable Windows Company and also has particularly been created for use coming from server based applications including ASP.NET.

Microsoft highly recommends making use of Microsoft Office SharePoint Hosting server rather of plain Hands free operation with Office for server side jobs. A (really pricey) variation of SharePoint 2010 can easily perform MS-Word to PDF Transformation making use of an extremely minimal API.

I’m operating as Developer. And I want to provide you that you might try.NET item collection, which permits you to convert different report styles (DOC/DOCX/PPT/ PPTX/XSL/HTML and so on) into PDF style. You may likewise choose elements of your choice. Full samples, tutorials and also help are additionally accessible for these components.

Please keep in mind that these components are standard.NET assemblies and also you can easily use all of them either in ASP.NET or Microsoft window Types applications.

It comes with a friendly web services based interface that allows it to be used from most modern environments such as Java and .NET. It supports all common as well as some not so common file formats. Watermarking and PDF Security is included as well. If you have SharePoint in your environment then a SharePoint optimised version is available as well.

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