Adding Image watermark to Pdf while Creating it using C#

Always utilize saveState() and restoreState() when you change the graphics condition. , if you don’t you might receive undesirable results such as various other web content that is actually influenced through the adjustments you make (e.g. you don’t wish all the content to come to be transparent).
The default rendering setting of text is actually “filler”, therefore I alter the stuffing opacity.
Within this case, I defined a stuffing opacity of 50% (0.5 f). If you desire to change the openness of the message, opt for any kind of value between 0.0 f and also 1.0 f.

You are carrying out something peculiar with the PdfDocument objects, as well as you are also using the incorrect AddImage() method.

You need to make a training class that carries out Pdf Page Activity, as well as in the OnPageEnd, order the page’s PdfContentByte, and attract your image there. Utilize a complete posture.

I don’t recognize which programming language you are actually using.: I am actually not utilized to variables that are made using var such as var tranState.

Component of the message is actually concealed (as you show in your question). This may be adequate, unless you are afraid that some important details will acquire shed by covering the existing material.

This is C#, yet converting it is actually usually a matter of capitalizing procedure labels and swapping get/set phone calls for property accessibility.

Unless your image is typically straightforward, pulling it in addition to your page will definitely cover Several Factors. PNG as well as GIF data included through iText will automatically be appropriately cloaked, allowing traits under them to present by means of.

If you yearn for to add a nontransparent image beneath whatever, you must override OnStartPage() instead.

If you possess cloudy shapes in your PDF (like images, however also tinted forms), you need to include the Watermark pdf in addition to the existing material

Right now the text will deal with the images, yet it may conceal some necessary details. If you yearn for to avoid this, you require to offer transparency.

Note: You probably yearn for to originate from Pdf Page Occasion Helper, it possesses empty applications of all the page activities, thus you just require to write the technique you really care about.

You likewise used the AddImage() strategy passing a Rectangle which resizes the image. Produce certain that you don’t include the image as an inline image, since that balloons the documents dimension.

During creation of document how carry out i add a image watermark. I understand just how to add a image to document

I intend to incorporate a watermark to an existing PDF by utilizing the following: inserting content to an existing pdf. If the PDF has an image after that the watermark is hidden responsible for it, the Third solution is actually operating but.

This is actually practically exact same to including a header or footer.

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